On Waiting


We had some forward motion with little baby V’s case. We told many of you about his hearing and you (like awesome friends) keep asking how it went… well… here’s the thing…

We have no idea.

I know when the hearing happened, who was invited and what the projected outcome was. But that was about it. So for now, we wait.


I find it intriguing how my heart is being shaped this year… intriguing may not be the right word. Nevertheless, I digress, I am working through the book of James with my bible study girls and this was one of the questions this week:

“Look up the word ‘WAIT’ in a concordance. Skim over the results. What truths do you find about waiting on the Lord?”

Well, if you do that in a keyword search of an online bible it brings up just about the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation. Intriguing? Funny? Timely? A huge truth we like to ignore?


We don’t like to wait a whole lot around here. Everything is more or less at our finger tips. Need groceries? Have it in an hour delivered to your house. A new book? Shipped to your front step in two days. What is so and so up to today? Send them a text and watch for it to say “read at…”

I had to split up my kids a few hours ago and institute a second “break time.” We had started tea (which is really just afternoon snack in fancy cups) and an epic battle broke out over who was going to serve whom. They both wanted to serve the cookies and neither was willing to back down. Neither wanted to sit around and wait to be served even though that was what I desperately needed.


I can get on the phone and call the caseworker. I can email my resource worker incessantly. I can call the lawyer and make sure everyone is still on the same page. I could. And there will be a season where I will do just that. But for now- for now I won’t. And we will wait.

“Sometimes waiting in faith is the hardest part of the trial.” -Marci Preheim

The thing is, we will wait because we are called to. We will wait because whatever happened in that hearing changes nothing quite yet. We will wait because there are a half a dozen other things that may just be worth getting on the phone and fighting over.

We will wait because fighting over who gets to serve the cookies is missing the whole point.

So we will wait in unwavering faith that he’s got this. The answers will come soon enough.


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